Working Through the Struggle

“Michael, you have been assigned to Group 7.”  I looked around for the table and sat down with the four other students that were already sitting down.  I then realized that I must have one of the most diverse groups out of the whole class.  Sitting with me was a girl who was Nigerian, but was born and raised in France.  Across from me was a girl from China and as well as someone from Taiwan.  Lastly there was a young man from India also sitting next to me.  I was definitely the only native English speaker, and before I knew it the professor was announcing our first group project that was due in a week.  Before I even had a chance to become properly acquainted with my group, we were already planning and organizing the structure of the task at hand.

We were instructed to come up with a business plan for a brand new TV show.  One of the things that I appreciated about our group is that they were for the most part very punctual and did not have the tendency to procrastinate.  The only thing that I felt that we struggled with was the fact that because we were all from different parts of the world, we had a difficult time being flexible with our opinions.  In addition to this, writing and speaking skills became a huge issue to the other members because of their lack of experience with the English language.

Although I sometimes have difficulties with my team members, I continue to strive to be patient and work with the group that I have been assigned.  This is something that I have dealt with in the past and could possibly run in my future endeavors.  Because of this, I will make the best of the situation and work with what I have.  Therefore, I will “work through the struggle.”