“As long as I got my suit and tie”

As I exited the taxi, and entered towards the ballroom of the Aston Villa stadium, young men and women were dressed to the “nines” and were crowding around the doors.  The hype and excitement of the evening only made everyone more enthusiastic while everyone was ordering drinks and cocktails at the bar.  There were three reasons why I felt this night was going to be a great night: all the students looked fantastic, we were to receive a three-course meal, and there was going to be an after-party at B4 Bar.  Because of this, the AU Ball was one of the best events here at Aston University thus far.

The fact that every student was dressed in their best suits and gowns made the evening a special occasion.  Even I was dressed in a three-piece black suit complimented with a bow-tie and pocket square.  Ladies were outfitted in exquisite dresses that made me take a second look at some of the ones I had crushed on earlier in the year.  The whole event was a massive success and a good change of pace from the simple university events typically put on by the student union.  Another great aspect of the dinner was the fact that we received an upscale three-course meal.  I was seated mainly with the rest of the volleyball team and their dates for the evening, who were great company to converse with at the table.  Upon the closure of the evening, a group of us decided to take a cab back to Aston to attend the after party at the B4 Bar where we could continue dancing the night away.  Although it was a bit crowded, I can honestly say that this made the evening that much better.

Because of the well-dressed students, the three-course meal, and after party at B4 Bar, it can definitely be assumed that this was one of the most fun events put on by the university.  All I can think now is when the next time I will be able to sing “As long as I got my suit and tie…”