Champions!!! #AstonVolleyball

“We are the champions!!!”  These were the chants as the Aston Volleyball Team celebrated their final victory after winning the BUCS Cup.  10389349_742404922524766_2056029827064518938_nUpon beginning my time here at the University, I had been recruited to play for the 1st volleyball team here at Aston.  Although it has been somewhat difficult to balance study and training, it definitely has made my time here in the United Kingdom that much better.  After making the team, it was then decided that I would start as a ‘middle’ position while competing at different matches.  This was amusing because this player’s role is usually performed by the tallest member of the team.  Because I only stand at 6’0”, I am the fourth shortest person on the team.  Even though this made my job a bit more difficult, I was able to perform exceptionally well due to the fact that I possess a high vertical jump and have long arms.  My responsibility is to mainly block on defense, and attack (hit) on offense.  I only play front row, and when rotating out of the serving position, I am then substituted out by the libero.  This person only plays back row and substitutes either Martin (the other middle), or myself.

After reaching the Cup finals with a flawless record (undefeated), we took the court with energy and passion.  With a bit of effort, we won the first set, but the second set presented some motivational difficulties and we were defeated (3 out of 5 are needed to win).  The third set went to us, but injuries started taking down our team.  Our best hitter went down with a sprained ankle, and then I took a hard hit and rolled my ankle causing it to not function properly.  Although I was able to finish the final game, it definitely was a struggle.  Upon hitting the final point in the last set, the entire team ran onto the court and start embracing and jumping to the rhythm of the chant “we are the champions” over and over.  It was definitely a well-deserved victory, and there was no better way to take home the win with the medals presented to us.  It was a good season for Aston’s Volleyball Team, and I am thankful that I was able to be a part of it. 11054343_10207022269814302_8087135743642702777_n