Diving In!

“Michael! You have to join the Hockey society! No join the volleyball team, or the dance club.  What about the Entrepreneurship society?”  It seemed every way I turned, people wanted me to join and participate in their club or organization.  After some much debate, I finally was able to narrow it down to what I thought would be most enjoyable or useful.

For athletic purposes, I decided that I would try-out and join the volleyball team.  Because this is a sport that I have been playing most of my life, this just seemed like an obvious choice for me.  In addition, I might be able to do some convenient traveling around the UK while competing in away games at different universities.  Another club I joined was Hockey.  I did this mainly for social reasons, and also so I can become acquainted with other students that attend Aston.  For academic and networking purposes, I joined the Entrepreneurship society in order to network with potential employers as well as explore another side of business which I do not have as much exposure to.  Finally I decided to join a football (soccer) club that one of my flat mate’s organizes, so I can not only bond with him, but also develop my skills in the sport.

Although I took on quite a bit of extracular activities, I believe that this will help me get more involved in school during my time here at Aston University.  I intend to not waste any time outside of my academics in order to take full advantage of the opportunities presented as an international student.