Doing the London Thing

As I disembarked from the “Underground” and walked up the steps towards the light above, I came to my first impression of the city of London, which was a huge clock tower referred to as “Big Ben.”  People from all nations crowded around on the side walk snapping pictures of the massive structure.  I myself, was caught up in the rush, taking selfies with my friend Judith (my personal tour guide for the day).  I couldn’t believe all the different cultures and languages I was seeing and hearing around me.  It was incredible to see actually how big the city was compared with what I see from the movies.  My companion and I walked across the bridge watching some Russians trying to con people into playing their gambling games on the street.  From here I was able to see the London Eye, which is this gigantic wheel which people can ride in order to see the whole city and all its wonder.  Although we decided to pass on the ride that day, I am sure I will get the chance to participate on my next visit to the great city.

Big Ben

After traveling to the next location, my personal tour guide led me to what seemed to be Buckingham Palace.  She announced that at the moment it was tail end of “the changing,” which is a tourist spectacle where the guards march around in order among the streets.  Unfortunately this meant there were larger crowds, and also signified that I wasn’t going to get the chance to mess with one of the Royal Guards.  Either way, as we were walking along, I was able to get some spectacular pictures of the palace.  I started to feel like a professional photographer: climbing up onto walls to get a clearer shot.  Of course, this meant that I looked like a complete tourist, but decided to just embrace this and have fun with it.

Buckingham Palace

In the late afternoon, my friend and I decided to get some ice cream where she took me to this charming place where real Italians served up some amazing flavors.  Honestly it was the perfect spot for a quick first date, which we observed another couple in that exact situation.  Unfortunately, it was at this point that I realized my return train ticket to Birmingham was missing.  Because of this, I knew I was going to have to purchase a new return ticket as well as an “Oyster card,” which is a pass so I can travel on “Underground” throughout the remainder of the day.  After taking care of these logistics, we noticed it was starting to get closer to evening, so Judith and I decided to start heading towards Tower Bridge.

As we approached the other side of London, we were able to see beautiful sights of all of the corporate buildings and hotels along famous bridge.  The lights across the bay were spectacular and I was able to get quite a few pictures.  After dinner at a nice Thai restaurant, we decided it was time to start making the long trip back to which was now considered boring Birmingham.  Until my next trip to London, I will hold the wonderful sights and memories of this last trip to keep me studying hard so I might see it again.

London at Night