Expecting the Unexpected

It seems like yesterday that I came off Christmas break and started the new term, but before I knew it I realized that I am already in Week 7 of my second term of my studies as a postgraduate student here at Aston University. This new quarter has brought many changes in my life, some that I was aware would happen, but many that I did not expect. The unexpected changes to my time-table, the reduction in my free time, and the particular models that I enjoy most are three different items that totally caught me off my guard. Because of these, this term has flown by in a whirl of activities.

My time-table is an aspect of Term 2 that has thrown a major curve-ball in my direction. Originally I was enrolled in a class that I was greatly looking forward to: Outsourcing and Offshoring. Because of issues with the availability of the professor, the class was postponed until April. This presented quite a problem for me who had been looking forward to having all of my lectures on Tuesday through Thursday. Due to this, I was forced to enroll into another module named Operations Management. Although I have been learning more about this topic over the weeks, it definitely has been a letdown compared to what I had been expecting. Another change from what I had presumed about this term is the fact that I have much less free time in my schedule. Besides my lectures and coursework, there has also been an increase in my away volleyball games and extracurricular activities. It has been quite entertaining to try and complete the assignments while traveling to and from matches all over England. The last item that has completely caught me off guard is the module that has turned out to be one of the most interesting lectures. The course CSR and Public Policy has been some of the most entertaining and nurturing discussion based tutorials I have attended here at Aston thus far. Although a majority of this can be contributed to the teaching style of the professor, the topic has also been enjoyable to ponder and discuss.

Because of all of these alterations to my expectations for this term, it definitely has kept me on my toes and proactive. Through the change in my time-table, the decrease in my free time, and the lecture that has kept my interest the most, I have learned that it is best to not have to high of expectations, but rather be prepared for whatever my time at Aston might present.