Favorites of Birmingham

BirminghamUpon returning from my holiday break after Term 2 of my postgraduate studies at Aston University, I realized that I have not really explored the different areas of Birmingham.  Because of this, my friend Moritz and I decided to take a day and walk to a couple key areas including the Canals that traveled through the City Centre.  One of the places quite close to the campus of Aston is a small espresso shop that a couple of my colleagues and I like to grab a cup of coffee.  This is called “Yorks” which has a certain charm of authenticity and also has pretty friendly customer service.  There have been many times where Moritz and I decided a study break was needed, which led to a quick trip to the café.

Another place that has been fun to explore now that the weather is a bit sunnier than in the past are the Canals that go through Birmingham.  Besides the fact that these are one of the prettier spots in the City Centre, there are also a variety of pubs and restaurants lining up the waterway.  One of the unique sights to observe is how the dock and boating crew raise and lower the boats from the different levels using Canal locks, which is similar to a damming system.  Besides this, the walk alongside the channel is really easy and would be a nice walk after an afternoon date. image7

Because of this, it can be determined that there are a few different secrets about Birmingham that I did not know of but can look forward to exploring over the summer as I continue to work on my dissertation.