Final Exams!

As my flat mate and I entered the building, I took a deep breath and thought to myself “here we go,” hoping that the last few weeks of studying had been enough to perform well enough for the marks I desired.  Final ExamsUpon seeing the examination room, I was taken aback due to the size.  It was a huge room filled with desk chairs neatly lined up and numbered.  Because of the reduced size of my class during my undergraduate degree, I could tell this was going to be completely different experience.  In addition, the format for the majority of my exams were essay styled whereas in my undergraduate it was multiple-choice or problem solving.  Although exam marks are not released for another few weeks, I am confident that the time that had been sacrificed to prepare for the exams will have paid off in the end.

There were 3 in-class examinations and two parts to a take-home essay that I had to get ready for.  One of the biggest factors to consider was whether to complete the papers before studying for the final exams or to wait until after they were completed.  Because I am naturally motivated and do not like the idea of waiting until the last minute, I decided to try and complete the essays first as quickly as possible before initiating my studies.  Fortunately this proved to be the better decisions due to the fact that I was able to fully concentrate on my other studies whereas many other students were trying to focus on both or even had to work on them after completing the in-class exams.  When the actual studying began, I felt a bit rusty on some of the areas, especially for my economics class.  Because the class format had only been lecture without any homework or practice I was going to have to put a bit more emphasis on this.  In the examination, it turned out to be an even more difficult than the professor had made it out to be.  Although I felt I struggled a bit on this one, I feel that I was able to perform with the higher percentage of the class.  The other examinations went extremely smooth to which I believe I should achieve a pretty decent mark.

In conclusion, although I encountered a couple of rough spots during final examinations, overall I believe that I performed extremely well and will hopefully earn the marks to demonstrate this.  Now I have some time off on break before I start the next term.  With this time, I hope to make the best of my time here in Europe by traveling and creating memories.  It has been a good term, ready for round two!

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