High Rolling with Aston Villa

Aston Villa ParkAs our small group entered through the lit doorway, we were greeted by a beautiful young woman who announced, “Welcome to Villa Park! Right through here.”  She then escorted us to a dining room for VIP guests where she took our drink order and asked us what pie we would like to eat during halftime of the Aston Villa vs. Southampton match.  As the match was about to start we were then guided to the VIP section in the stands, which included seats that were much more comfortable than the ones available to the rest of the crowd.  My group sat down with anticipation as the match was about to begin.

“Holt Enders in the sky!” The crowd chanted as the game played on.  The match was in the heat of the first half with both teams baAston Ticketsttling out.  Although the weather was freezing, none of the International Ambassadors from Aston University were bothered due to the intensity and energy of the game.  There were great opportunities for goals on both ends of the field, but as it drew near to halftime, the goalie from Southampton made an error in judgment which caused Aston Villa to score a goal.  Everybody was in great spirits as it came to the 45th minute.

As we entered back in the VIP lounge, our pies and drinks were waiting for us and we were able to enjoy the tradition football food as we discussed the occurrences of the game with some of the other fans.  After returning to our seats in the stands, we noticed that the second half of the game grew even more intense as Aston tried to hold onto their lead.  Unfortunately, as the time passed the 80th minute, Southampton was able to sneak a goal in to the dismay of the crowd.  Although both sides struggled to finish with another goal, the game ended in a tie.  However, this was actually a better outcome to the Villa fans than expected due to the fact that Southampton is considered the superior team this year.  After getting our things together our group of International Ambassadors were able to land a taxi back to the University, but it was definitely noted that ‘high rolling’ at the Aston Villa match is definitely the way to do a football match.  Match in progress