Introducing myself and expressing my emotions about being selected as the recipient of the Aston University Banco Santander Scholarship

My name is Michael Bragonier and I am studying at Aston University for my Master’s in International Business for the Fall of 2014.  When I heard the news that I was selected as a recipient of the Banco Santander Scholarship, I was completely ecstatic.  From the age of seventeen, I had been a self-supporting student working my way through my undergraduate degree through athletics, music, and academic scholarships. By receiving this scholarship, not only will I be able to support myself better during my time at Aston University, I will also be able to focus on my studies more efficiently.  I’m honored that I will be utilized by the International Office at Aston as an international student from the United States to share my experiences during my time at the University.  I have continually taken extra strides to become actively involved with the organizations that I am a part of.  Throughout my undergraduate degree I always took a pride with all of the scholarship and leadership responsibilities, and even while working at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP I pursued every opportunity to assist with recruiting and promoting the firm.  Because of the Banco Santander Scholarship, not only will I be better aided financially while studying in the UK, but I will also have more opportunities to be involved with Aston University.