The Future Dr. Bragonier?

The other day I saw a movie that had an extremely big impact on myself: It was called “The Theory of Everything.”  Something that has always been on my mind is considering the possibility of performing research in an area of business for a PhD.  Although at the moment I do not have the perfect topic in mind that I could use my research such as Stephen Hawking, I believe that this might be something that I could pursue in the future that could create opportunities to teach, publish written works, and also give back to the community through the research that I perform.

The first aspect that I could gain from achieving a PhD is the possibility that I could teach at the collegiate level.  Some of the people that most inspired me were professors during my undergraduate studies as well as my postgraduate degree here at Aston University.  If I were given the opportunity to imitate this and invest in another student’s life, I would probably feel that I am actually contributing back to society.  In addition to this, I might also be able to produce written works of research that could one day be published.  I have always enjoyed the thought of having my ideas and theories available to the public.  The last attribute that would be achieved through a PhD is the fact that I would be able to give back to the university through the research that I perform.  This would allow me to come up with theories and expand on those to answer the difficult questions regarding my topic.

Although I don’t think I will apply for a PhD next year, I could I see myself doing this sometime after a few years more of work experience.  By doing this, I will allow myself to teach at a higher academic level, publish written works, and give back through the research I perform.  If I ever come up with the perfect topic that I am extremely passionate about similar to how Stephen Hawking was regarding time, then you can be sure that I will pursue the research through a PhD.