The Irish Getaway

Me: “Hey Moritz, so what are we going to do this week until you go home?”

Moritz: “Maybe we could go to Scotland or Ireland?”

Me: “We should totally do that! Let me check flights…€25 round trip to Dublin.”

Moritz: “Looks like we’re going to Ireland!”

One of tDublin Streethe places that I have always wanted to visit was Dublin, Ireland.  Although my colleague and I did not have any set plans of what we would do there, we decided to be spontaneous and travel to the place of Jameson whiskey and Guinness beer.  Upon arriving, there was really three different activities that we did: firstly we just explored the entire city centre and all of its beautiful sights, in the evening Moritz Dockswe hit Temple Bar and all of the other pubs, and lastly we took the Jameson Distillery tour.  After going through all of these, it was determined that we definitely got the full Dublin experience.

Exploring the biggest city in Ireland with a guy such as Moritz was definitely filled with great sights.  To be honest, I took way too many pictures and made my friend stop to pose here and there.  One of my favorite spots was on the Dublin Docklands, where they had amazing views and bridges always crossing from one side to another.  There was also Trinity College, the Bank of Ireland, and even a small castle of some sort.  As it grew closer to evening, my buddy and I decided that we should go back and change and get ready for dinner and the night life.

Trinity College            Although Irish food is not extremely common, Moritz and I were able to find an Irish pub that had a pretty decent menu, and after receiving my order of an Irish seafoodDocks chowder, I can honestly say it was definitely better than any clam chowder I have ever had in my entire life.  After dinner we decided to head over to the infamous Temple Bar for a couple of pints of beer.  Although this whole time my goal was to find some local Irish redheads to socialize with, I seemed to keep meeting anything but this including two French aux pairs and a group of girls from Greece doing the exact same thing as us.  The next night we had a bit more luck and met some local nurses (none with natural red hair though).

Jameson Disterllery            The Jameson Distillery was one of my favorite events of the whole trip.  Not only was there unique sights and an educational side of how the whiskey was made, but they even allowed us to have a tasting to compare the Irish whiskey, to Scotch and American whiskey.  One of the things that was really entertaining was the fact that the tour guide seemed to be picking on Americans a bit saying that we did not prepare our whiskey properly because we only single distill and use new barrels rather than old ones.  Although I usually refer Jameson, I can honestly say that I like all three country’s whiskey for different reasons.

Overall, the trip was quick, but extremely fun.  Moritz and I were able to get a bit of a taste of Dublin, Ireland and appreciate the sights and culture to some extent.  Although it was nice to get back home, this city is definitely a place that I wouldn’t mind seeing again.  Until next time Dublin, keep doing that Irish thing.Castle

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