Work Hard, Play Hard

My first week in the United Kingdom has been somewhat of an active blur.  Already I have worked and played so hard that I’m having a minor setback and broke out with a fever due to the fact that I have been away from the college life for the last two years.  Because of my prior work schedule at PwC I had learned how to maintain a balanced lifestyle, but now I have to learn how to balance my social life and ensure that I keep my priorities in order.  Luckily nothing has taken priority over my studies and including the particular task that is due this week, but when it comes to exercising, eating healthy, and getting enough sleep, that could definitely use more attention.

In the last week and a half, I have explored quite a bit of Birmingham as well as met a wide variety of Aston students from all over the world.  I have to say that even though I am a well cultured person who has been living in San Jose (An extremely diverse city) the last two years, this seriously has been an incredible experience to meet young people such as myself from all over the world.  I even had the opportunity this week to go on a luncheon with a girl from France in the City Centre.  I have also been to several clubs/bars with the Student Union, who are seriously some of the friendliest people I have ever met.

All in all, even though I am having a vast amount of fun and excitement in my life, there always is a limit on the kind of routine that someone can handle.  Luckily I have learned my lesson early before the first term has even started.  A well balanced lifestyle is key, and I hope in the future to be able to demonstrate this better.  Although the known saying is “Work Hard, Play Hard;” I think the lesson to take away is “Know Your Limits.”